Sunday, February 12, 2012

Will You Be My Valentine?

For Lab 2 at St. Mary's it was chaotic to say the least. My group was assigned to be Special Projects but the class before lab we were assigned the gym group as well so we had to do the opening game and also the closing game and closing dance. We were prepared and everything until Jordan and I were at St. Mary's waiting for our other two group members who in fact had both the games that we had planned on doing but we found out that neither of them were coming. Jordan and I had to come up with a few games to play and fast!

For the opening game we made a variation to Temple Tag and instead of when the kids getting tagged and forming a temple, they would form a heart with there arms since the theme of the day was Valentine's Day. Once the kids were warmed up I incorporated the gallop, hop and run into the game by changing up how they could move around the gym.

When it was time for snack time we went down to the cafeteria with the kids where they had there snacks and then played board games and legos for a while. I had just as much fun playing with the legos and the kids I think. I was surprised at some of the kids imagination and skill with the legos. They built some complex things and had stories behind what they were building.

When we went back to the gym Jordan and I had to come up with a closing game and a closing dance. I came up with a closing game which involved the students getting into a circle and everyone putting there right shoes in the center and dancing around in a circle to the music until the music stopped in which case everyone had to run to the center, retrieve there own shoe, put it on and sit down when they have completed the task. Once everyone was done I stopped the stopwatch and it took us 49 seconds so I challenged the kids to beat there time which they were extremely excited to do. We got 30 seconds the second time and all the kids were so happy with themselves.

For the closing dance, Jordan chose the to do the Hokey Pokey which worked well with the kids. Most of the kids enjoyed all the games that we played today and it went a lot better then the previous lab where the kids were insanely out of control! To end the day we did a cheer with the kids and said our goodbyes. I can't wait for the next time we go to St. Mary's!

Lab 2 Write Up

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