Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 19

Today in class the next group was ready to teach their Lab C's. For their lab they were assigned to teach Shinty which was a lot like field hockey and regular hockey in a way. The group that went today was Trish, Stephanie and Dave.

My favorite part about Trish's lesson was the activity where she split the class into two teams and spread out cones with balls placed on top of them. The balls were two different colors and each team was assigned to knock off one of the colors while also trying to keep the other colors on the cones. It was really fun and got the entire class moving around a lot.

In Stephanie's lesson I loved the 2 v 2 game we played where we had to score on the goal. It felt like a real game and I did pretty well in it I must say. It was a lot like hockey so I had a lot of fun.

Lastly in Dave's lesson I liked when he called on me to demonstrate juggling the ball on the stick, since I have been playing hockey all my life I had no problem with the task and I was able to help my fellow peers if Dave was busy trying to help another person.

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