Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 9

At the start of class today we played the game Shotgun again and picked different partners then we had last class. For the first round my partner was David and we had to do the demonstrations which was difficult for us because neither one of us were really that good at the task that was chosen which was hugging yourself jump rope trick. We had a few minutes to practice and I was finally able to do it alright so when it came time to demonstrate the task, I performed it correctly and David showed how you aren’t supposed to perform it.

Professor Yang then had us switch partners once again with someone we hadn’t done it with. In this round Lesley and I were assigned signal for attention. For the signal of attention we had the entire class face towards us and told them that the signal would be Stephanie and Trisha’s voices (they had come up with the task).

After we played Shotgun for a while we received jump ropes and had some time to practice our Lab B task that we are going to begin teaching next class. I finally was able to do my task of the push up jump rope and I am looking forward to teaching it to the class.

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