Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 13

Wednesday's class was a change of pace because we went in the classroom and instead of getting right into activity Professor Yang started off class with some fun little word puzzles to engage us cognitively into the lesson. My partner was Lesley and she was amazing at the puzzles, we were able to get most of them! I think we definitely won with the most correct. We the got into the important information about our next lab and what will be expected of us. Some of the key points of today's class were the lesson plans and how to challenge your students in class whether it be the entire class or just going up to an individual who is doing a lot better then his/her peers and give them a challenge which is called intra-task variation.

Some things that teachers can do to improve communication with learners in task presentation is to always check for understand! Don't just ask if everyone understands what you said. have the students perform the action to see if they really do understand what is expected of them.

The three different content moves that establish progressions are extension, refinement, and application. Extension is when teachers teach things from simple to complex tasks. Refinement is the communication to students of a concern for quality performances. Application is when you give students the opportunity to apply the skills they worked on. 

The progression established for an open skill should differ from that of a closed skill in that an open skill should involve a lot of movement and a constantly changing environment. A closed skill should be the opposite in that the environment shouldn't change and there should be progressions that leads the student through the task.

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