Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Best and Worst Moments Using Prezi

This is the link to my Prezi video of my best and worst moments in movement!


Monday, April 30, 2012

iDANCE Set-Up Instructional Video


Day 37 (Last Day)

Today was the last day of EDU 255. We met in the classroom today where Professor Yang passed around "The Y Files" notebooks that he created with his science class when he taught in Canada. I was amazed at how much of a bond her created with his students. The students wrote pages and pages without being told to. I can only hope that I can impact my students as much as Professor Yang has impacted his students. I hope to keep in contact with Professor Yang after the semester, he was by far my best Professor during my time here at SUNY Cortland.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 36

Last Friday we met in the classroom because everyone is finally done with their Lab D's. We talked a lot about our Online Portfolio's which I have been working on for a while. I think it is important to not only have a written portfolio but an online one because what if you were to lose your written portfolio? It is also a really good thing to have to put on your resume to have future employers have a chance to look at it whenever they want. We also discussed the SOFIT form where we can keep track of what the class is doing for the entire lesson which we are going to need to do in our 256 observations.

Our last class is next Monday and I am going to miss my 255 classmates.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

iDance Gets Everyone Moving

On Monday I thought my Lab D and it was amazing! To start the class I got everyone moving by having them all get on dance pads and just perform to the best of their ability. Then I went over the class rules and stressed my safety concerns to the class. I informed them of the simple cues of "Step" and "Stay" which I demonstrated and I also demonstrated the common fault where people move their foot back to the center of the pad after the step.

For my first activity I had everyone get back on a dance pad and perform solo on the pads again but this time I had them focus on the cues that I had given them and everyone did a lot better the second time around. For the second activity everyone stayed on the same pad but faced the other direction and had to look over their shoulders at the screen to see what to do but I could tell that some of the students weren't to confident in this activity so I said that everyone I said "switch" everyone would turn around which they enjoyed that variation to the activity.

In the third activity I had everyone partner up and put 2 pads side by side so that every time I yelled "switch" they would switch pads with a partner, I stressed how the partner on the right would cross in front and the partner on the left would cross behind. To get the class more into the activity I had the class clap along to the beat which everyone seemed to enjoy. Now for the fourth activity I had them form 2 rows of 5 pads and with the same concept of rotation I had them perform a dance and said "switch" a lot more and had them clap along to the beat again as well.

For my final activity I had planned on a quad jump on 1 pad with 12 people but today there was only 10 people in the class so I had to modify my final activity. I had 2 people go to 1 pad and had them put their feet on the pads but instead of standing I had them get into the crab walk position and challenged them to see if they could stay up for the entire song.

In my lesson Eric got sick and was having a seizure (was a fake seizure), it was a real wake up call because I really didn't know what to do. I helped him to the best of my ability but after my lesson we discussed what to do next time. I am happy I got to practice and learn what to do for next time in case I ever have to deal with such a situation. I had so much fun teaching iDance to my peers and I would love to be able to teach it to my physical education classes in the future. I would also like to thank Professor Yang  for an amazing semester, I learned so much and I am sad it is coming to an end.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Already Miss St. Mary's

Today was our last day at St. Mary's for 201. My group of Jordan, Joe, Lesley (our TA) and I were assigned the Pre-K group. The last time we had the Pre-K group was the first lab which was extremely fun so I was looking forward to going back.

Before we went into the Pre-K room everyone met in the gym where we took out the big parachute and decided to get everyone involved and spread out and did a lot of different activities with the parachute, my favorite being throwing the balls in the center of the parachute and all lifting up and then bring the parachute down fast so that we can have the balls hit the ceiling!

Once we got into the Pre-K room I started helping these two girls connect what looked like little plastic pieces of chain. They were making a really long chain and then separated them to make necklaces and bracelets. They finally decided that they wanted a pet so they made me a collar and a leash and walked me around the room, it was interesting to say the least. They then asked me to read them a book which was my first time reading a book sideways but I managed and they enjoyed the story.

Then to end class we brought the Pre-K students to the gym where we set up a game for the kids to find items of certain colors and bring them to cones of the same color. Once they brought the item to the cone, they had to perform 5 jump n jacks and we kept switching up the motor skill to hopping and so on. I had an amazing time at St. Mary's and I plan on volunteering next semester.

Lab 6 Write Up

Day 35

Today in class Dave and Kyle taught the last of our classes Lab D's. First Dave taught the skill of Speed Stacking! I had previously learned how to speed stack in my motor behavior class and it was really fun and addicting so I was excited to give it another try since the first time I did it I wasn't that good at it. Dave took the class slowly through the beginning to make sure the class understood what was expected from us by the end of class and everyone was able to at least perform the 6 stack properly and he challenged some of the class to the 3 6 3 stack which was a little more complicated but it was also a lot of fun.

Next Kyle taught Hantis which he had previously taught in his Lab C where he contacted the inventors of the game and even had them send a video to him. He got the class moving right away and even let us teach our peers with a little piece of paper that he handed out with the cues on it. He had someone in class break their arm and he responded to it very well by having someone call 911, someone getting the nurse and also keeping the class calm.