Friday, February 17, 2012

If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You Can Dodge a Ball!

Dodgeball is in the PE "Hall of Shame" and for good reason but with some modifications and changes to the game it could be an adequate source of physical activity. In class we talked about a game that is very similar to Dodgeball but is a lot more structured and does not have an elimination where people have to sit out which is big when it comes to a game being good or bad.

Trench Ball is the variation to Dodgeball that would be the best way to change the game. Instead of knocking someone out by hitting the with the ball the go behind the enemies court in the "trench" and wait for either there team to throw them a ball and go back to there side or if a ball rolls to them they may pick it up and throw it at the enemies back so everyone has to be on there toes and ready for anything. It makes everyone think about the surroundings and keeps everyone actively engaged in the class.

Some safety tips for the game would be that the ball must stay below the waist. In the end I believe that it would be best to stay away from the game of Dodgeball.

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