Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 8

Last class we were given which tasks we were going to be teaching the class. I received tasks 71/72 and was able to choose one of them. I chose task 71 which is the Push Up Jump Rope. Throughout the class we practiced what we were going to teach and I came to the conclusion that my task has a high level of difficulty which means if I am having trouble doing the task then my students more than likely will have difficulty.

I came up with a few progressions that would make the task a little bit easier for the students and would allow them to progress at there own pace rather then having them try and perform such a difficult task right away such as starting in the track and field starting position for sprinting to slowly moving both feet back until you are in a full push up position.

At the end of class we played a game classed "Shotgun" which incorporated the entire class first getting a partner and then receiving a task to perform to simulate an entire lesson. My partner was Brenden and we were appointed the closing statement of the lesson which was hula hooping.

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