Monday, April 2, 2012

St. Mary's Run For The Star 5K

On Saturday March 31st I volunteered at St. Mary's to help with their 1 mile run and their 5K run. The first race was set to start at 8:30am so me and four of my fellow classmates arrived at 7:45am to help set up and organize the event. For the 1 mile run I was assigned to stand on the corner by main street to direct the kids where to go so that no one ran into the street or anything.

For the 5K I had a much harder task. I was first assigned to help with the water station but when we got the the station I noticed that no one was on the corner of West Main Street and Mildred Ave so I thought it would be extremely helpful if I stood at the corner and not only direct the people on when to turn but also warn on coming cars when to slow down and when they could go. It was a very busy intersection.

The best part of the event was how many people while running past us would say thank you. They were thanking us for giving up our time even while it was such bad wether to help make the run safer. One thing that I would have changed would have been the cars on the road. Although I did do an amazing job directing traffic I feel that it was a huge safety issue with all the little kids that were running in the race and all of the cars that didn't care and speed past everyone.

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