Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Already Miss St. Mary's

Today was our last day at St. Mary's for 201. My group of Jordan, Joe, Lesley (our TA) and I were assigned the Pre-K group. The last time we had the Pre-K group was the first lab which was extremely fun so I was looking forward to going back.

Before we went into the Pre-K room everyone met in the gym where we took out the big parachute and decided to get everyone involved and spread out and did a lot of different activities with the parachute, my favorite being throwing the balls in the center of the parachute and all lifting up and then bring the parachute down fast so that we can have the balls hit the ceiling!

Once we got into the Pre-K room I started helping these two girls connect what looked like little plastic pieces of chain. They were making a really long chain and then separated them to make necklaces and bracelets. They finally decided that they wanted a pet so they made me a collar and a leash and walked me around the room, it was interesting to say the least. They then asked me to read them a book which was my first time reading a book sideways but I managed and they enjoyed the story.

Then to end class we brought the Pre-K students to the gym where we set up a game for the kids to find items of certain colors and bring them to cones of the same color. Once they brought the item to the cone, they had to perform 5 jump n jacks and we kept switching up the motor skill to hopping and so on. I had an amazing time at St. Mary's and I plan on volunteering next semester.

Lab 6 Write Up

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