Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 35

Today in class Dave and Kyle taught the last of our classes Lab D's. First Dave taught the skill of Speed Stacking! I had previously learned how to speed stack in my motor behavior class and it was really fun and addicting so I was excited to give it another try since the first time I did it I wasn't that good at it. Dave took the class slowly through the beginning to make sure the class understood what was expected from us by the end of class and everyone was able to at least perform the 6 stack properly and he challenged some of the class to the 3 6 3 stack which was a little more complicated but it was also a lot of fun.

Next Kyle taught Hantis which he had previously taught in his Lab C where he contacted the inventors of the game and even had them send a video to him. He got the class moving right away and even let us teach our peers with a little piece of paper that he handed out with the cues on it. He had someone in class break their arm and he responded to it very well by having someone call 911, someone getting the nurse and also keeping the class calm.

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