Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 26

Today in class Trisha presented her Lab D. For her lab she was assigned Yoga and she had to teach for 40 minutes. She did an amazing job from the start to the finish. She has amazing visual aids at each station, the iPad station was extremely fun to use and video ourselves. The video of her yoga exercise was very good, it got the entire class sweating and was very clear in directions.

Eric and I were told by Professor Yang to act out and say how yoga is boring and it is for girls and so on and she did a very good job by having us do the pose in a more "manly" manor which satisfied Eric and I. At one station their was a basketball that we were playing with in the wrong way and she quickly spotted us and took the basketball away. The last thing we did to act out was at a station that involved large cones we picked them up and started to use them like swords and hit each other which she finally decided to separate us and switched the pairs so that we were no longer working together which was very smart of her because I think we would have kept acting out haha.

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