Thursday, April 26, 2012

iDance Gets Everyone Moving

On Monday I thought my Lab D and it was amazing! To start the class I got everyone moving by having them all get on dance pads and just perform to the best of their ability. Then I went over the class rules and stressed my safety concerns to the class. I informed them of the simple cues of "Step" and "Stay" which I demonstrated and I also demonstrated the common fault where people move their foot back to the center of the pad after the step.

For my first activity I had everyone get back on a dance pad and perform solo on the pads again but this time I had them focus on the cues that I had given them and everyone did a lot better the second time around. For the second activity everyone stayed on the same pad but faced the other direction and had to look over their shoulders at the screen to see what to do but I could tell that some of the students weren't to confident in this activity so I said that everyone I said "switch" everyone would turn around which they enjoyed that variation to the activity.

In the third activity I had everyone partner up and put 2 pads side by side so that every time I yelled "switch" they would switch pads with a partner, I stressed how the partner on the right would cross in front and the partner on the left would cross behind. To get the class more into the activity I had the class clap along to the beat which everyone seemed to enjoy. Now for the fourth activity I had them form 2 rows of 5 pads and with the same concept of rotation I had them perform a dance and said "switch" a lot more and had them clap along to the beat again as well.

For my final activity I had planned on a quad jump on 1 pad with 12 people but today there was only 10 people in the class so I had to modify my final activity. I had 2 people go to 1 pad and had them put their feet on the pads but instead of standing I had them get into the crab walk position and challenged them to see if they could stay up for the entire song.

In my lesson Eric got sick and was having a seizure (was a fake seizure), it was a real wake up call because I really didn't know what to do. I helped him to the best of my ability but after my lesson we discussed what to do next time. I am happy I got to practice and learn what to do for next time in case I ever have to deal with such a situation. I had so much fun teaching iDance to my peers and I would love to be able to teach it to my physical education classes in the future. I would also like to thank Professor Yang  for an amazing semester, I learned so much and I am sad it is coming to an end.

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