Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Handball Gets Crazy at St. Mary's

In lab today at St. Mary's my group was the cafeteria group again and we interacted with the older kids. We played a modified game of European Handball where if you got it in the end zone you received a point but also if you shot the ball into the basketball hoop your received a point as well. It made the kids more interested in the game because they always ask to play basketball and if we don't play basketball then most of the time they would sit out or play on the other half of the gym.

For the final game the class put cones out all throughout the gymnasium and put little pieces of paper cut out in the shape of eggs under the cones with small little activities for the students to do when they found the eggs like jump and jacks, hops and skips. When the kids found the egg shaped piece of paper, they showed it to one of us and we read it to them and then we would perform the task with them. The kids absolutely loves this activity and were upset at the end when all of the eggs were found. They wanted to keep finding the eggs and performing the tasks. Today was by far the best experience at St. Mary's yet, everything went extremely well and the kids had a blast.

Lab 5 Write Up

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