Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 33

Last Friday Kim taught her Lab D which was a Scavenger Hunt. It was a lot of fun and got everyone moving around all over Park Center! To start off class we got into groups and went to 4 different posters that were spread out throughout the gym and did a small little workout routine to get warmed up. Then Kim brought us to the other gym where she had name tags with cigarette ingredients on them and a rope that was made to go around a group of people in a line which was pretty cool because it made us work as one.

We got into two separate groups where we were all tied together and then had to download an app on our smartphones that gave us directions and clues on where to go next to find the next clue. She stressed safety concerns and then let us go. We had to take pictures at every spot, the photos turned out to be extremely funny. All in all Kim did an amazing job and everyone had a blast, I want to try this activity in the future because of my experience in her lab.

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