Tuesday, April 3, 2012

European Handball Insanity!

For Lab 4 my group was assigned the cafeteria group which is the older kids which we have not had the chance to work with so I was very excited. Before we got to play our game we went outside with the kids. It was interesting to finally see how they act when they are outside compared to when they are inside the school. They really seem to let loose and go extra crazy when they are outside.

When we finally went back inside I started to my game of European Handball which some of the kids really were having some trouble understand the game but once we had the game going they got so into it and started to understand exactly what they were supposed to be doing and a lot of the kids were helping the other kids that were having trouble. We played European Handball for most of the time because everyone was having a blast including all the of Cortland students and TA's. I would have to say that Lab 4 was my favorite time at St. Mary's so far this year.

Lab Write Up #4

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