Tuesday, January 31, 2012

St. Mary's Lab 1

Today we had our first actual lab experience at st Mary's School. I had the pleasure of working with the pre-k group with my TA Lesley. We started the day off by attempting to play the chicken dance to get the kids moving but they had no interest in the music so we moved on to arts and crafts which immediately got there attention. First Lesley taught the kids how to draw a basketball which most of the students were able to accomplish the task. Some of the students didn't like basketball and wanted to draw something else so since i was wearing a Giants jersey for sports week I decided to teach them how to draw a football which worked out great with the Superbowl coming up and a girl began to talk to me about how her dad is a huge giants fan.

The students also had these magnets that they were playing around with which were very interesting because they were putting them together to make bracelets and belts which I found to be very fun myself.

We then went to the gymnasium where it seemed like the kids just went crazy. Barely any of the kids wanted to listen or behave and a lot of them just decided to sit out on the side and not participate in any of the games that we were playing. Once we brought out the parachute though, all the kids loved it. It seemed as though we had finally controlled the ciaos but it was short lived since after we put the parachute away the kids went right back to running wild!

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