Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 3

Today in class we got back with our partners from last class to throw the frisbee back and forth to warm up and brush up on what we had learned last class. After a few minutes we joined together with another pair and had to find our own area in the gym and pretty much play keep away against the other pair. It was 20 seconds of high intensity physical activity followed by a 10 second resting period. We did this repetition 8 times and it was extremely tiring. Following this activity we stretched for a few minutes and did some yoga exercises.

We then got back into our groups of 4 and now we were one team. We had to run across the gym scoring points in all of the 4 goals but we had to pass the frisbee a minimum of 5 times. This activity was easy until we were aloud to play defense. My team came up with the strategy to have 2 of us stay back and guard our goal while 2 of us went around scoring points on the other goals. Our strategy worked very well because not that many teams scored on our goal and the 2 of us that were scoring had an easier time knowing who to pass to and what direction they were heading.

We then went to the classroom to wrap up what we had just done and go over the class website to make sure that the entire class had a good understand of what was taking place in the course and how to navigate through the online portion of the class which is a big part of it.

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