Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 4

At the start of class we got into a big circle with the music going and everyone had to show off there favorite dance moves by running to the center of the circle and performing them. While the person was performing them, everyone else around the circle had to copy whatever it was that the person in the center of the circle was doing.

After the dancing was done we started playing this tag game on half of the basketball court. At the start one person was it and we had to walk and once someone got tagged they could not move until another person walked over and said there name and what they had taught and the person that was tagged had to say they other person's name and what they had taught as well. Next another "it" person was added and and now you were able to skip instead of just walking.

We gathered in and did our yoga stretched which are starting to become easier and easier each time we do them. I still have trouble with the flexibility portion of the yoga but I am going to continue to work on it in and outside of the classroom.

To end the class we got into groups of 4 and a TA to go over what we will be doing next class on Friday. In my group was Emily, Lesley, Justin and the TA was Danielle. I am pretty confident going into Friday's lab and am looking forward to watching the video.

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