Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 2

Today as we walked into class we were handed colored penny's which split the class up into 4 different groups. We then had to find a partner that had the same color penny as you, my partner was Emily, and throw a frisbee back and forth. After a while we had to come up with two other ways to throw the frisbee. Two different types of throws that Emily and I came up with were a forehand throw and a bounce throw. We then got onto a court and had to pass back and forth into the designated goal area and later on a defender was added to make it so we had to run around more and work harder.

We then did a lot of different types of yoga stretched that were new to me. I had fun doing some of them but wasn't able to do a few. I found out that I need to work on my flexibility a lot more for the future.

Before we ended class Eric, who was one of the TA's, had the entire class form a huge circle in the center of the gym to play the name game where we had to say our names and then act out what we had taught in the previous class. It was a very good way to learn everyone's names.

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