Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 1

In today's class we had to pick from 4 activities which were basketball, football, volleyball and soccer. The object was to teach our fellow peers in our group for 4 minutes. If the item that we had planned on using was already in use then we had to come up with a back up activity just in case. We didn't have much time at all to plan out what we were going to do; we had to pretty much wing it. I chose the volleyballs because I have had more experience in the activity then the other activities that were available. I was the only one in my group to say a safety statement and the TA's complimented me on that which made me feel better about my perfomance in today's class.

My thoughts on blogging are that it is a good way for you to keep track of what you are doing day to day and it gives my friends and family an opportunity to see exactly what it is I am doing here at SUNY Cortland.

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