Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hawaiian Adventure

For Lab 3 the theme was Hawaii so for our first game Jordan and I came up with an interesting game to incorporate the leap, the horizontal jump and the slide so that out peers would be able to assess the students on their locomotor skills.

Professor Yang was not at this lab but instead we had one of the graduate students help out and she did amazing in Professor Yang's absence. I feel as though we were a lot more prepared this time because we knew Joe wasn't going to be there because he broke his ankle a few days earlier so we had prepared in advance for him not being at the lab.

At the end we made up a game using bean bags and hula hoops which were color coordinated and times the kids the first time and then we challenged them to beat their previous time which they enjoyed. It is interesting to see how a simple game can turn fun by just adding in one simple challenge for them to accomplish. To end the class we had all the remaining kids bring it and and put their arms in the center and we did a St. Mary's cheer to end the day. Lab 3 was probably the smoothest lab so far and I am looking forward to the next one.

Lab 3 Write Up

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